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The Search For An "Allergist Near Me" is over

Find Permanent, Lasting Treatment with Dr. Lisa Hutto

Dr. Lisa Hutto is not just an allergy specialist; she's your partner in achieving a symptom-free life. With a patient-centered approach, Dr. Hutto leverages her expertise to provide comprehensive treatment options aimed at not just managing, but eliminating your allergy symptoms. Continuity of care is very important and Dr. Hutto will personally handle all of your care. Whether it is your first visit, a follow up or sick visit you will always see Dr. Hutto.

Through meticulous evaluation and personalized care plans, she focuses on determining the root cause of your allergies, whether it's environmental, dietary, or something else, with the ultimate goal of removing these triggers from your life. By addressing the "why" behind your allergies, Dr. Hutto offers a pathway to significant, lasting relief.

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Find Relief from Allergies, Asthma or Sinus Diseases

Testings & Treatments

Child getting allergy shot

Allergy Shots

Allergy shots offer a long-term solution for those suffering from allergies. We can help you find lasting relief from your symptoms.

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Arm getting skin tested

Skin Testing

We offer skin testing to help determine what allergens may be causing your symptoms and get you started with the right treatment plan.

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Home for environment testing

Indoor Air Quality Testing

We provide air quality testing for your home or workplace. By identifying potential allergens, we help you create a healthier environment.

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Convenient Online Care With Dr. Lisa Hutto

Virtual Allergy Care For Patients In NYC & SC

In addition to her practice in South Carolina, Dr. Hutto offers telemedicine services that allow patients in New York City to receive expert consultation and management of their allergies, asthma, and sinus conditions from the comfort of their homes.

For local patients, telehealth appointments also provide convenient follow-up care. Whether in person or through a virtual visit, you can expect personalized attention from Dr. Hutto and her dedicated team.

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Affordable Treatment From The Best Allergy Doctor Near You

We Accept Most Major Insurances

Dr. Lisa Hutto’s practice accepts a wide range of insurance plans, reflecting our commitment to accessible, high-quality allergy care for everyone in and around Columbia, SC. Additionally, we know that understanding the cost of your healthcare is crucial, which is why our team prioritizes transparency with insurance coverage.

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